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Stacy Keibler and her new Fitness Video Game!

American actress, model and former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler looks stunning while visiting the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show held at Rockefeller Center on Friday (January 20) in New York City.

The 32-year-old former WWE wrestling diva, who wore a McQ dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, went on the show to promote her new fitness video game “Your Shape Fitness Evolved.”

Earlier in the day, Stacy made an appearance on Good Day NY, where she demonstrated the work-out interactive game with the two hosts!

Stacy also addressed the rumors that Angelina Jolie does not like her. “That is completely false. She [Angelina] has been nothing but great and nice to me!”

Gisele Bündchen Model Mom in Central Park With Baby Ben!

Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen keeps an eye on her baby son Benjamin Brady. She brought her son to Central Park for a fun afternoon with a few friends. The 30-year-old supermodel took photos of nine-month-old Benjamin, who looked very happy to be playing outside!

She kept him busy with finger puppets, funny faces, and plenty of kisses. Gisele and Benjamin stuck around the Big Apple for Tom Brady and the Patriots game against the Jets last night. The gang had time to do more than root for Tom.

Gisele was left disappointed on Sunday evening after watching her husband NFL New England Patriot Tom Brady on Sunday night football. Brady and his team ended up losing to the hometown New York Jets by a score of 28-14. Enjoy the pictures.

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin Split

It has been reported that Miles and Kim are “taking a break” from each other. Sources say that the couple broke up about a week ago, before Kim left for her trip to Europe. Is this bad luck for the Dallas Cowboys?

Maybe the Cowboys were distraught for Miles which lead to such bad play by the Cowboys against the Redskins last Sunday. Keep your head up Cowboys fans, there is plenty of season left for them to get back together. Hey, Kim and Reggie ‘broke up to make up’ plenty of times during their relationship.

A source close to the couple explains that the decision was mutual. “With his season and Kim’s filming (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) it just slowly split them apart.”

Kristin Cavallari dating Jay Cutler

It looks like Kristin Cavallari has her beautiful eyes set on a new flavor of the month. It has been reported that “The Hills” actress and model was spotted getting very close to Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler at the Angels and Kings lounge in Chicago, IL. The sources claim that: “The two were all over each other this past weekend in Chicago.”

We hear Jay even met Kristin’s mom during the post-game meet and greet. The two then had their first official date Monday night in Chicago going on a group date to Angels and Kings bar, where they were kissing all night. She wants to come back to Chicago more often during the season.

A few weeks back however Cavallari was reported making out with Paris Hilton’s ex boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. They were seen at the Las Vegas hot spot Voyeur and they looked very happy with each other, “holding hands and smooching.” But then she told press, “I’ve known Doug since I was 15 years old. Yeah, I saw him there, but not like that.”

Serena Williams Beautiful at Hamptons Magazine Cover Party

Serena Williams hosted the Hamptons Magazine Cover Party in New York City wearing a cute mini leopard print Dolce & Gabbana dress. The party was to celebrate Hamptons Magazine cover, at Pranna. The tennis star and current world number 1 appeared sexy in black and white on the cover of Hamptons Magazine recently. She accessorized with earrings, a bead bracelet, a diamond ring, and a chunky oval ring. The dress color flattered her skin tone. She was joined by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons at the party and the two posed together for photogs.

Her shoulder length hair, styled in loose waves with a side parting, draped her shoulders. She also wore thick eyeliner and nude shimmering lip gloss. Her strappy dress revealed a cute flower tattoo on her left shoulder. Her black leg cast on the right foot was no distraction as she looked stylish, gorgeous and radiant like never before. The rumours about a possible “nose job” were not true at all. She was using a new make-up technique which added the illusion of more defined facial features.

Serena reportedly hurt her foot this July when she stepped over a broken glass in a German restaurant while celebrating her 13th Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon. In the accompanying cover story, she talks about her injury and how it has given her time to relax and and do things off court.

“I can actually use the recovery time. I’m so active trying to produce television shows now, writing and playing tennis—and on top of that, winning Grand Slams—that it’s good for me to just have some time off. At first I dreaded it, but I’m sleeping a lot, which is good, and I’m being babied.” Then she added: “A year from now, I see myself trying to compete and win Grand Slams, but maybe not playing such a full schedule so I can focus on the other things in my life, like doing more in show business,” she said.

Serena has her own fashion line called Aneres, which is her first name (Serena) spelled backward. In 2009 she launched a signature collection of handbags and jewelry titled “Signature Statement” which is sold mainly on the Home Shopping Network.

Candice Crawford and Kim Kardashian watch Dallas Cowboys

American beauty queen Candice Crawford is the girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. She was camped out to watch her man practice yesterday with none other than Kim Kardashian, who’s dating Tony’s teammate Miles Austin.

The girls watched the Cowboys practice in what was Day 9 of their camp. Candice and Tony have been linked since last summer, and seem to be going hot and heavy still. Kim and Miles Austin have only been dating for a few months.

It was reported that Kim went to the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in person to give honorable support to her boyfriend Miles Austin. She took Candice Crawford along with her. Candice works for KDAF as the 33TV’s High School Sports Reporter.

Desiree Jennings Medical Mistery Dystonia

Former Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings had a healthy life until she received a flu shot. She began suffering from fainting spells and convulsions after the shot. Ten days after the shot, she developed flu-like symptoms. Then she began suffering fainting spells and convulsions. She was hospitalized at Inova Loudoun Hospital, then Inova Fairfax Hospital and later at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Jennings has highly unusual symptoms, she can walk sideways or backwards. However, when attempting to walk forwards her limbs and body jerked uncontrollably, and she can barely speak. Many doctors are calling this a “one-in-a-million” adverse neurological reaction. That has left this once vivrant woman with an “incurable” affliction known as dystonia. While others conclude that her symptoms are not conducive to dystonia.

Another bad thing happened with the gorgeous woman, as she developed another odd symptom, a very strange foreign accent. The Midwestern woman suddenly sounded British. She said, “It sounds like an accent, but it’s not. I just can’t pronounce words anymore.”

Mother of Ronaldo’s baby is a Waitress

It has been reported that the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby is an American waitress. Ronaldo had a one night stand with her in 2009. The Portuguese football star of Real Madrid has used his best friend to help him in having an exclusive $15 million paternity deal in New York City. It was also supervised by his mother Dolores Aveiro, to bring the baby back to Portugal.

Ronaldo won’t tell the boy the identity of his mother until his 18th birthday. Last summer, on a trip to Los Angeles, Ronaldo was spotted in a restaurant with the mother of his son. The footballer made the shock announcement that he had become a father earlier this month and revealed that he had taken sole custody of the boy. According to The Sunday Mirror she then tracked down the football player through his agent and he found out the results of a DNA test during the World Cup, where he was playing for Portugal. The baby boy was born on June 17, 2010 and was named Cristiano Junior.

Larissa Riquelme will strip naked if her team defeats Spain

Who is Larissa Riquelme? She’s a model from Paraguay, South America. She has vowed to run through the streets with her nice body painted the colors of her country if Paraguay defeats Spain and advance to the semi-finals of the World Cup 2010.

Larissa Riquelme has been seen cheering on her compatriots in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion during the matches and has garnered a lot of attention for her beauty and fired up cheering for her home football team.

Victoria Beckham denies rumours of split

Victoria Beckham stepped out today for the first time following rumours she and husband David were planning to split earlier this week. Wearing a yellow dress, Miss Beckham looked happy and relaxed as she arrived in the south of France with her three sons for a holiday break.

The 36-year-old English singer showed no sign of stress following her publicist being forced to deny reports the couple were planning to announce the end of their marriage. David Beckham is in South Africa with the English Football team, during the World Cup. They are going to play against Germany today, Sunday 27th. David is planning to fly out to France after the World Cup.