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Jennifer Aniston in a Tight Pink Bikini pictures!

Jennifer Aniston is filming in Hawaii alongside Brooklyn Decker. Obviously that represented serious competition, so Jen worked harder than ever to prove that she was still one of the sexiest ladies out there. She confidently wears a tight bikini revealing pokies and more, there’s one photo of Brooklyn at the end, she’s hot too, but Jen wins this time.

If you’re a Jennifer Aniston fan then you’ll be wanting to watch the film whether it’s any good or not just to catch a glimpse of Jen in her skin tight bikini, it’s called Just Go With it. Enjoy!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler left the peaceful hideaway in Mexico and came back to Los Angeles. The actress, who turns 41 on Thursday, came back home on a private plane with Gerard Butler, after the two joined Jen’s friends in celebrating her birthday early last Monday.

Jennifer recently spoke to Access Hollywood about her Bounty Hunter new Andy Tennant‘s Movie. “We just had so much fun together you know. Gerry’s a guys guy, but he’s absolutely the most lovely and sort of self-deprecating. We look at work the same way and we always had each other’s back.”