Serena Williams Beautiful at Hamptons Magazine Cover Party

Serena Williams hosted the Hamptons Magazine Cover Party in New York City wearing a cute mini leopard print Dolce & Gabbana dress. The party was to celebrate Hamptons Magazine cover, at Pranna. The tennis star and current world number 1 appeared sexy in black and white on the cover of Hamptons Magazine recently. She accessorized with earrings, a bead bracelet, a diamond ring, and a chunky oval ring. The dress color flattered her skin tone. She was joined by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons at the party and the two posed together for photogs.

Her shoulder length hair, styled in loose waves with a side parting, draped her shoulders. She also wore thick eyeliner and nude shimmering lip gloss. Her strappy dress revealed a cute flower tattoo on her left shoulder. Her black leg cast on the right foot was no distraction as she looked stylish, gorgeous and radiant like never before. The rumours about a possible “nose job” were not true at all. She was using a new make-up technique which added the illusion of more defined facial features.

Serena reportedly hurt her foot this July when she stepped over a broken glass in a German restaurant while celebrating her 13th Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon. In the accompanying cover story, she talks about her injury and how it has given her time to relax and and do things off court.

“I can actually use the recovery time. I’m so active trying to produce television shows now, writing and playing tennis—and on top of that, winning Grand Slams—that it’s good for me to just have some time off. At first I dreaded it, but I’m sleeping a lot, which is good, and I’m being babied.” Then she added: “A year from now, I see myself trying to compete and win Grand Slams, but maybe not playing such a full schedule so I can focus on the other things in my life, like doing more in show business,” she said.

Serena has her own fashion line called Aneres, which is her first name (Serena) spelled backward. In 2009 she launched a signature collection of handbags and jewelry titled “Signature Statement” which is sold mainly on the Home Shopping Network.