The Last Exorcism Movie goes viral using ChatRoulette

The social Webcam Chat service known as Chatroulette, has been used in a viral marketing campaign for the new film, The Last Exorcism (2010). The campaign is sure to bring a measure of sick satisfaction to those who have dared enter the world of ChatRoulette recently. The Webcam chat service has a reputation for consisting mostly of boys and men looking for women. That is at least a small part of why the campaign on Chat Roulette works.

Videos are making the rounds of young male Chat Rouletters talking with a pretty girl who starts to take off her top. Before any real skin is revealed, her eyes suddenly roll back into her head, her skin turns sallow and blood gushes out of her evil eyes.

In another version of the viral “trailer” or “Interactive teaser”, she breaks her own neck. That pretty girl is possessed by the devil and happens to be the star of a new horror movie. The URL address for the movie’s website flashes across the screen as her chat victims stare on with horror and disbelief. Way to ruin the mood, marketers.

Is this a case of sexual schadenfreude or is it just a fun Internet prank? I leave it up to you to decide and comment on this idea.